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GATSBY Moving Rubber Hair Wax 80g - Cool Wet (Blue)

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Wet & Hard: Create beautiful gloss x Restyle again and again

[Wet Jelly Formula] Produces even shine, finishing in full and firm styling

[Contains Moving Rubber styling memory*1] Bouncy finish; Create movement even when styling is lost.

Contains hair care moisture retainer.*2
Contains floral fragrance ( mildly fragrance )

* 1 Panthenol, polyquaternium-11
* 2 Panthenol


<Series Ratio>

Score 1-10

Hairdressing power : 5
Gloss : 9
Recommend length : Short/ Medium short/ Medium and above
Recommend style : Spiky/ Bundling/ Airy/ Compact

Apply small dab onto the palm of your hand. Spread out well and blend into ends of hair or other parts where you want movement.

Always close cap properly after use.

Step 01 - Spread on the palms of the hands. Rub product on your fingertips. Because it’s a wet-type agent, use two or more fingers to scoop out a moderate amount. Spread it evenly across the palm.
Step 02 - Using your hands, work the product evenly into hair. Run your fingers through your hair. It doesn't matter where you start. Start from where easy to apply. Blend from the roots to the tips of your hair. Add product in  several stages until your entire hair has an evenly applied wet-look gloss.
Step 03 - Apply the wax evenly and in stages careful not to miss any hair beneath or at the back of the head. It's easy to forget the parts where hair is cut short. To ensure even application, be sure to blend it in sufficiently in these parts, too.
Step 04 - Grab the top to create volume. Make a hill-shaped silhouette to emphasize the line in the center.
Step 05 - Next, style hair by lightly pinching and arranging the bangs to your desired look. Adjust the fall of hair over the bangs. Applying movement makes it's easy to arrange the hair to the style you have always wanted.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Arthur Ageletos
Very good hair wax, highly recommended

Very good hair wax, highly recommended

Amy Wu
Adorable hair wax

Really love this product! It maintains the style well all day long, and the hair feels soft and has no harsh smell, cheap and easy to use!

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